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1 minute • 2023-06-12 | personal update 

It has been a while since my last post. Recently, I’ve been using this blog to store things I come across, which I find potentially interesting to others and also as a personal reminder of the things I’ve accomplished in the past.

As I’m not a UI/UX designer, I decided to purchase a theme from the internet. The theme I chose is called Color Admin, and I particularly appreciate its dark mode, which is why I’ve enabled it on my blog.

After reviewing the available samples and customizing them to fit my Jekyll templates, I believe I’ve managed to cover all the areas I initially had in mind. Unfortunately, the theme I used previously is no longer being maintained, so it was necessary to find something new.

I also took the time to reorganize the tags page, add a new sidebar with the most recent posts, and create a new archive page.

I hope you enjoy the blog’s new appearance.

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