• Traits are a mechanism for code reuse in single inheritance languages such as PHP.

    A Trait is similar to a class, but only intended to group functionality in a fine-grained and consistent way. It is not possible to instantiate a Trait on its own. It is an addition to traditional inheritance and enables horizontal composition of behavior; that is, the application of class members without requiring inheritance. Source

  • 9 minutes • 2015-10-04
    Building the Phalcon Blog (i)

    This is the first of a series of posts, describing how we built the Phalcon Blog (and this one of course). The intention is to showcase some of the features of Phalcon and discuss the reasons behind implementing the code in such a way. I will amend this post with the links of the future posts once I post them.

  • 3 minutes • 2015-10-02
    Every microsecond counts!

    One of the primary factors that always needs to be taken into consideration when designing and implementing an application is performance. In this day and age of information overload, everything is about speed. If your website is slow (more than a second or two) to appear on the browser, most likely your visitors will leave and go elsewhere. If the application you designed/implemented is slow, it will use more resources (memory/cpu) and thus cost more money to run. Time is money.