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1 minute • 2021-02-01 | copy static website wget 

Sometimes, it is necessary to retrieve a full static copy of a website (hopefully one you own). There are tools that help you do this such as httrack.

However, for Linux systems primarily, using the wget command can achieve the same result.

Assuming I want to mirror the site, the wget command used is:

wget -E -F -k -K -l 100 -N -nH -p -r -v

The options used are:

  • -E : rename html files to .html (adjust extensions)
  • -F : Force reading inputs as HTML files
  • -k : Convert links to relative (local viewing)
  • -K : Backup converted files
  • -l 100 : Recurse 100 levels deep (it should be enough)
  • -N : Time stamp on
  • -nH : Disable generation of host-prefixed directories.
  • -p : Download all assets for a page (css, js, images)
  • -r : Recursive (important)
  • -v : Verbose

If you are interested in mirroring a site, you are more than welcome to use the above wget command, adjusting it to your needs.

NOTE: Please do not be that guy that tries to index a site without the owner knowing about it. It is not nice!

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