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2 minutes • 2011-02-06 | personal information update 

It has been months since I last posted a blog post. A lot of things have happened since August and I have a lot of material to post - just not the discipline to sit down and proof all the drafts so that I can post them.


2010 has been a rough year mostly on a personal level. I lost my brother-in-law in March, my daughter was born in May, there was great uncertainty at work during the summer, an upgrade went bad for Long Hair Care Forum to name a few of the highlights.

Since this is officially my first year of blogging, I was happy to see some statistics for that year (well 8 months to be exact since I haven’t posted since August).

</tbody> </table> The most visited posts were: [Google Apps and Google Accounts merge](/post/2010-08-18-google-apps-and-google-accounts-merge) with 1,601 pageviews (13.37%) [Subversion Backup [How-To]](/post/subversion-backup-how-to) with 1,289 pageviews (10.76%) [Android 2.2 (Froyo) Review](/post/android-22-froyo-review) with 1,124 pageviews (9.38%) Not that bad for a first year. #### 2011 When I started blogging my main focus was to mostly address coding issues. However due to the plethora of solutions on the Internet, the content that I wanted to relay was not that interesting or had been covered a hundred times or more. For instance I did start posting about design patterns [here](/post/design-patterns-singleton) and [here](/post/design-patterns-factory), but at the same time [Giorgio Sironi](https://giorgiosironi.blogspot.com/) started blogging about design patterns and did an excellent job at it, so that topic was scrapped. My posts then started covering a much broader scope, mostly that of technology with a small personal flare. For 2011 I will continue on the same scope. I intend on blogging about interesting things technologically, how-to's and topics that I want to share with the community. As always, whatever is presented in this blog is my personal opinion. Every post covered here as well with any code are free of copyright and you are free to use them in your projects at your own risk. A big thank you to everyone that visited this blog whether you shared your opinion with me or not. I hope to meet the expectations of producing interesting content in the future.
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