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2 minutes • 2009-11-18 | google online storage storage picasa review 

A week or so ago I read a blog post in my Google Reader about Google providing now more storage for less money.

To be quite frank I did not read the whole post but I did get the message. Google was offering 10GB for $20.00 and now they are offering 20GB for $5.00. This extra storage is mostly for Picasa and web albums but it can be used for other products like GMail (if you ever get above the 7.5GB that you already have there).

Although I was really happy to see such a move, I was kinda saddened since not more than a month ago I decided to purchase the 10GB for $20.00 and I didn’t take advantage of the new rate. The reason for the extra storage is that I can store pictures and videos for my family to see. Since most of my part of the family is located in Greece and my family and I are in the US, it only makes sense to take advantage of the Internet to keep in touch. Photographs of different events that we attend are available now to them too, while we keep a good journal of events through the years.

Logging into my web album in Picasa I was pleasantly surprised to see that my storage is not 10GB but 81GB! I could not believe my eyes and frankly I thought that Google made a mistake. I dug up the blog post and found out what had happened. It appears that by not reading the whole article, I missed the

and people who have extra storage will be automatically upgraded.

The funny thing is that they even counted the 1GB that Picasa comes with (for free) once you sign up for their web albums.

All I can say is that now I will probably store more and more media online, not only for my family abroad to watch but for backup reasons too.

All we need now is a GDrive - a drive extension to connect to our online storage so that we can store everything online and never worry about anything - computer crashes and all….

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