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This is a series of posts, regarding my efforts to remove as much as possible myself as well as my family from using Google services.

Why you may ask? What has Google done to you?

In case you have been living under a rock or something, Google is not the company that it started to be. Somewhere down the line the motto:

Don’t be evil

changed to something like:

Don’t be evil to the ones that follow our ideology

which is is somewhat problematic. Once you are not following their ideology and values, then you are a target.

Since Google offers free services, and extremely well integrated ones, making our lives easier, one has to wonder how do they make their money? Well it is easy to figure out that we are the product and more importantly our data is the payment. Through the usage of our data, Google can build very powerful and accurate profiles of what we like and do not like, thus target advertisements to us.

Nothing wrong with that you might say. I agree. However, if that data is used for other purposes then we do have a problem. For instance when Google decides to become a publisher of news and stories, suppressing stories that they do not like or stories that do not follow Google’s values then you have a problem.

Freedom of speech in the US is exactly that. The freedom to speak and say whatever you like. So long as you don’t incite violence anything is fair game. If your speech is not popular, you will end up talking to yourself in the mirror because nobody would want to talk to you. That however does not mean that you must not speak.

The latest whistle-blowers from Google showcased the bias the company holds and the manipulation of data that happens on their services.

As a result, I choose to not voluntarily give them my data anymore. It is extremely worrisome to see how much data Google gathers and has gathered throughout the years for myself and my family.

This series of posts will try and address what alternatives there are out there, to replace the Google suite of tools

I will update this list with more products as I post on these series.

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