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2 minutes • 2015-09-28 | update phalcon blog new look 

It has definitely been a very long time since I last blogged. Just like my previous hiatus, a lot of personal issues arose that would not allow me the luxury to devote time for this blog.

Things managed to settle down for a bit, so hopefully I can start posting more frequently.

New look

For those that have been following this blog (all 3 of you), you will notice that the look and feel has changed significantly. I decided that I needed a fresh look so after evaluating many platforms and blog related software, I opted for the in house version.

Many of you know that I have been heavily involved in the Phalcon Framework, where I serve as a member of the core team. For the blogging needs of the project, we were using Tumblr but were not 100% satisfied. So a couple months back we decided to write our own blogging software based on Phalcon!

The results can be seen on our blog, which is also open sourced on Github.

For my own purposes I modified the codebase, adding new functionality and modifying it somewhat for my needs. The changes are also on Github and will soon be propagated to the Phalcon repository for everyone to use. This software requires some libraries loaded by composer and of course Phalcon loaded on your web server. The content is served using Markdown.

As far as the look is concerned, I tried (really did) but nothing came close to what I wanted. Since I am not a CSS developer by any means, I purchased this template by the guys that created Bootstrap. The result IMHO is really nice, responsive and clean. I hope you like it too!


I intend on posting more content in the next few weeks. The goal is to post one article (minimum) per week. Other than technology, I am going to focus on Phalcon related posts, sharing experiences, tips and tricks.


This blog software is still under construction. I have a few things that I need to address such as:

  • Pagination
  • RSS feeds
  • Posts by tag
  • Posts by archive
  • Comments - disqus integration
  • Tests!!!!

Some of those are already in place but I need to make sure that they work as expected

I hope you like the new look and stay tuned for more content.

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