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1 minute • 2009-12-28 | technorati 

A good friend of mine suggested that I should add my blog to Technorati for more exposure. Although I do not have any misconceptions whether my blog will reach the top 100 - I know it never will - it is nice to know that I am making every effort to bring people here and share my thoughts with them.

Discussion is always good and I welcome everyone’s opinion especially when it differs from mine :) Hopefully people that read this blog will get something out of it.

So by registering (or claiming) my blog in Technorati I need to add a unique code that was generated only for me in a blog post (drumroll please)…. and the code is:


This should do the trick. Once I click on the relevant button in my account page in Technorati, it should be able to verify that I am the owner of this blog and add my blog in the directory yay!

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